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When there is a story to tell, think about a Biograffiti. An original way to share your business values, history and beauty.

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House Portraits, logos, your ideas

All my Biograffiti drawings are created by hand with fine liner pens, however I also create digital artworks using a program called Procreate and my digital pen and tablet. Sometimes I also mix media and put together free-hand and digital.

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I wrote a book!

Did you ever think how funny it would be to collect all the absurd things kids say?

This book is exactly it: a collection of funny, poetic and normal moments in a family with a bilingual 5 years old.

If you have been wanting to learn Italian for a while, this might be the book for you: you will find lots of Italian words, with translation, to give you a taste of the language while you read something funny and light.

You can find the book in paper and kindle edition on Amazon, here.

A little extract from the book

One morning, there is water on the floor in the living room. Otto’s dad and myself are wondering where it comes
from, we can’t explain it. Otto intervenes:

“Mami, I know what happened. When I sleep, a small
tiger come and didn’t know where the toilet was, and he did it on the floor.”

[4 years, 4 months]

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