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Artisanship requires time

Each Biograffiti requires lots of hours of work. When I receive your list, I start thinking how I can represent each element, choosing between the endless possibilities which every concept carries within; I research books and websites to learn how to draw things I never drew before - the Waldorf Astoria in New York, Live Aid, the Orient Express and so on.

I create a mood board where I collect all the relevant images, and I use it as point of reference for each commission. in each Biograffiti, details make the story and each detail needs to be placed in its ideal spot, to create something beautiful to see and interesting to take in. Each Biograffiti is drawn directly in ink, without drafts. I cannot cancel once I have drawn something, I can only transform it: like in a game of chess, I always study the drawing at length before making the next move.

Each Biograffiti is an artisan product created with patience, which requires patient dedication to be decoded. It immediately awakens curiosity. Connections intuitively reveal themselves before the brain can actively interpret them, the act of drawing stirs interest. Each element complements the next, adding depth to a unique and charming world.

Have a look at the Biograffiti in the gallery to discover other people's details and stories.

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