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Hi, I am Aurora, also known as Riru, a nickname from my school days, many years ago.

I was born in a little, beautiful city in Italy, called Asti, full of paved roads and medieval towers and surrounded by hills and vineyards. In 2004 I came to Glasgow to study and fell in love with it: when I arrived I could hardly understand what people said to me, yet I felt home. In the years that followed, I travelled back and forth, finally moving to Scotland for good in 2011. I am now living in Eaglesham, a picturesque village just outside Glasgow. Half of my heart is in Italy, the other half in Scotland. 

I established my Biograffiti business in 2020. It all started from an idea: a drawing that tells someone's story. I have always been curious about peoples stories and journeys, I studied literature at university and, like many, love books and art. I thought I could create a "show, don't tell" sort of illustration and set up a business around this concept, using the experience gathered during my years in the sales department of a multinational company. Excel, business and marketing plans became useful to set up my own small business: Biograffiti, biographical drawings


I draw by hand using black ink fine-liner pens for my Biograffiti drawings and also create coloured illustrations using my digital pen and tablet. I draw people’s stories, create tattoos, logos and cards. I have also published a book. You can find my products and services in the shop.

I love food (at the restaurant my friends need to stop me from ordering the whole menu), reading and spending time with friends and family. You can see all the things I love in my own Biograffiti.


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See you soon, 

Riru x