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Biograffiti and me

After studying literature at Uni in Turin and spending a few years working in sales in the IT sector in Glasgow, at the end of 2019, favoured by the events, I decided to become a full time illustrator and focus on an artistic project which had been in my mind for some time, looking for its final shape. Biograffiti, biographical drawings: a series of bespoke drawings based on someone’s life, completely personal and at the same time linked to all the other artworks by a few recurring elements.

We are all interconnected individuals, I like to promote with my art this interpretation, not only metaphysical but also quantic in its truth. Everybody is a story, every story with all the others populates the world. How do we want our story to be told? What elements do we choose to shape our identities and introduce ourselves to others?

An important part to give meaning to our existence is played by the way we tell it: reality is a story not only because it’s us, in part, who write it, but specially because it’s us who decide how to read it.

Biograffiti are to be read too, but without the written word’s rules, where meaning is given by order and chronological consumption: images are free words, the observer decides how to read them and what narrative thread to follow. Many are the tales hidden in each drawing and endless the readings: a new one starts every time you stop to observe the drawing on the wall.

I grew up in a family with deaf parents: the way sign language shapes meaning with the hands it’s not far from the way I represent the world with my drawings, where meaning is seen and perceived by intuition. Images are quicker than words: here lays the narrative and evocative power of Biograffiti.

My personal Biograffiti is here: there are books, music, nature, travels, two fingers touching and the beginning of love, Graceland by Paul Simon, a surreal sea which becomes sky, the Cosmos, Glasgow and Turin out of the window, swallows, unexpected wonders behind corners, things that transform into others, a boat like the dream of a day, coffee, lipstick and art, beer on a tropical island, my eyes laughing at the world’s magic and weird.

It is true, as they say, that we all contain multitudes: we express ourselves and we feel expressed through music, art, science and in the great mystery of existence sometimes you only ned a note or a word to immediately feel connected and meaningful.

This is for me the point of art and what I want with Biograffiti: to show it’s true, that the kingdom of heaven is inside us.

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